Dielectric constants of RS
Dielectric constants of Rochelle Salt
Journal of Korean Physics Society., 29, S510-S512 (1996).

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Anti-Abuse Mail Service
A secure mail outsourcing service organized by ANDO.
Now it has over 785000 accounts.

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Pigeon Post(tiny mail-list driver)/ README
Current version is 0.753
ML driver with MIME-multipart analysis and SHA1 digital-signature
This driver can block Badtrans.B, Aliz etc.
(virus sigs:ppvirus.ph)

Its' commands has compatiblity to majordomo.
config.mc for Japanese Cell-phone mail servers
A vodafone's mail server limits the number of RCPTs to 30.
This violates RFC2821...(sigh)... and we avoid troubles with setting.

(from RFC2821)
   recipients buffer
      The minimum total number of recipients that must be buffered is
      100 recipients.  Rejection of messages (for excessive recipients)
      with fewer than 100 RCPT commands is a violation of this

Example setting(config.mc)

List of BYTE-benchmark3.1 results

PC/Network environment in my home

FreeBSD Intel NUC(NUC7i3BNK Core i3 2.4GHz,8GB)
FreeBSD-12 server.
Mac mini(Core i5 2.8GHz,8GB) macOS 10.12

My track-records around network


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